North Eastern Whippet Society – Championship Show Domingo 04/11/12



Dogs – Mary Lowe
Bitches – Pamela Marston-Pollock
Special Classes – Helen Johnston

Best In Show: Multi Ch Blue Spring’s Elektra    
Reserve Best In Show: Courthill Catcher In The Rye     
Best Puppy In Show: Wheelspin Breakaway     
Best Veteran: Ch Sporting Field Winged Dove Over Dumbriton (Imp)    
Best Breeder in Breed: Robertson (Sheol)

BIS Multi CH. Blue Spring’s Elektra RBIS Courthill Catcher In The Rye


Veteran Dog (5)
1st: Ch Aust Ch Peperone Solid Gold;   
2nd: Ch Juneric Midnight Mischief;    
3rd: Bruntsfield Skyliner

Minor Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Espinore Eagle Rock;   
2nd: Sheol Rock A Billy (taf);   
3rd: Gilnockie Divine At Crosscop;   
Res: Veredon Night Owl;    
VHC: Sheol Solid Gold (taf)

Puppy Dog (8)
1st: Wheelspin Lively Band;   
2nd: Supeta’s Breaking Dawn Over Selinko;    
3rd: Lightning McQueen At Speymalt;    
Res: Mossbawnhill Got Attitude;    
VHC; Chaseover Bet You Dare

Junior Dog (10)
1st: Piersland I Got Rythm At Chamhembe;   
2nd: Glantam Shooting Star;  3rd: Bruntsfield Rock Pipit;   
Res: Courthill Crimson Shadow;   
VHC: Blandings I Want It All For Rogansrock

Yearling Dog (8)
1st: Blue Spring’s Geoffrey;    
 2nd: Collooney Horn Knee Harry At Hutaka;    
3rd: Lightning McQueen At Speymalt;    
 Res: Knoxhill Snow Jester;    
VHC: Sandtait Silver Fox

Novice Dog (10)
1st: Bruntsfield Ronan;  
2nd: Kendici Tailwind At Jakile;   
3rd: Mossbawnhill Got Attitude;   
Res: Sandtait Silver Fox;   
VHC: Chaseover Bet You Dare

Graduate Dog (4)
1st: Ragstar Winter Wonder;   
2nd: Bruntsfield Rock Pipit   
3rd: Gil Riabhach At Cloudy Lane

Post Graduate Dog (8)
1st: Mikadene Night Runner at Jakile;  
2nd: Normania Border Reiver;   
3rd: Wichyty Mon Beau Fils;  
Res: Louidapl Autmnal Rays;   
VHC: Aphrael Captain Beefheart

Mid Limit Dog (6)
1st: Collooney Billy The Whizz JW;  
2nd: Cornstalk Miles To Go;   
3rd: Fletchgate Star Walker;   
Res: Chapleigh Asellus Borealis;    
VHC: Lesderana Ha’penny

Limit Dog (11)
1st: Courthill Catcher In The Rye;   
2nd: Collooney Look No Further Than Crosscop JW ShCM;   
3rd: Collooney Rock My World:  Res: Dalzeah Winter Melody Cum Rogansrock;    
VHC: Collooney Stay With Me At Starswift

Open Dog (15)
1st: Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper;    
2nd: Ch Shalfleet Simply A Lord;   
3rd: Ch Collooney Going Dutch;   
Res: Welstar With Strauss;    
VHC: Ch Collooney Mochacchino

Special Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (1)
1st: Bruntsfield Rock Pipit

DCC Courthill Catcher In The Rye
RDCC Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper
BPD Wheelspin Lively Band


Veteran Bitch (10)
1st: Ch Sporting Field Winged Dove Over Dumbriton (Imp);   
2nd: Bruntsfield Raonapoll;    
3rd: Supeta’s Loverlee;  
Res: Jayglo Just The One;   
VHC: Ch Hammonds Mary Rose Over Millwold

Minor Puppy Bitch (11)
1st: Sheol Touch of Gold;   
2nd: Veredon Vanilla Owl;   
3rd: April Showers At Crosscop;   
Res: Palmik Moonlight Shadow;   
HC: Palmik Moonlight Gem

Puppy Bitch (12)
1st: Shalfleet Sugar Frosting;   
2nd: Wheelspin Pleasant Fly;   
3rd: Palmik Magic Trick;   
Res: Supeta’s Eclipse;   
VHC: Malakands Magic Spell

Junior Bitch (12)
1st: Crosscop Count On Me JW;    
2nd: Wheelspin Breakaway;   
3rd: Peperone Passion Play JW;   
Res: Cobyco Chance To Dance;   
VHC: Cownbred Pastel Portrait of Ragstar

Yearling Bitch (10)
1st: Danluke Dicky Bird JW;  
2nd: Collooney Racey Lacey;   
3rd: Am Ch Merci Isle Magnolia at Palmik (Imp USA);   
Res: Armabay Ruby Tuesday;   
VHC: Sheol Golden Child

Novice Bitch (10)
1st: April Showers at Crosscop;    
2nd: Tango Time of Bruntsfield;    
3rd: Klondyke Imastar;  
Res: Malakands Magic Tricks;  
VHC: Vandania’s Simply Esme

Graduate Bitch (7)
1st: Starswift Sunbeam;   
2nd: Sheol Golden Lady JW ShCM;    
3rd: Cornstalk La Diva;  
Res: Normania Mischief Maker;   
VHC: Windwalker Wild Flower 

Post Graduate Bitch (16)
1st: Collooney Slack Alice at Crosscop;    
2nd: Aphrael Casting Pearl;  
3rd: Birkonbrae Sun Blush;   
Res: Demerlay Black Coffee;   
VHC:  Dainty Dollie

Mid Limit Bitch (9)
1st: Turnstone Tiger Lily;   
2nd: Millwold Mulling It Over JW;   
3rd: Chaseover Scaramouche;   
Res: Mulcair Musical Melody JW ShCM;    
VHC: Lesderana Five Pea Pod

Limit Bitch (13)
1st: Birkonbrae Tam O’Shanter;   
2nd: Supeta’s Dazzalicious;  
3rd: Cedaridge Vanilla Skies Over Veredon;   
Res: Demerlay Black Coffee;   
VHC: Dainty Dollie

Open Bitch (18)
1st: Multi Ch Blue Spring’s Elektra;    
2nd: Ch Carmen Cleeve at Ranveli;   
3rd: Ch Palmik Starlight Surprise JW;   
Res: Becscott Snowdrop Lady;   
VHC: CH Danluke Dance of Love JW ShCM

BCC  Multi Ch Blue Spring’s Elektra
RBCC  Ch Courthill Cleeve at Ranveli 
BPB   Wheelspin Breakaway   

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