European Dog Show 2015: Whippet results


BOS CH. Kathstone’s A Sunday Smile – BOB & 2ºBOG CACIB Shottii 

BOB Junior Rivarco Impala

BOB & 2ºBOG Shottii

Suna Regens Opal Winter Wiola
Catalogue: 50412

Hagenes, Christina

Hagenes, Christina
Placings Breeder
1 Very promising 50409 Suna Regens Opal Winter Wito
2 Very promising 50410 First Frost Nemuno Delta
Placings Breeder
1 Very promising 50412 Suna Regens Opal Winter Wiola
2 Very promising 50411 Allfirdas Zelda
Not present 50413 Nota’s Crew In The Dark
Junior class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 2.BHK CERT 07184 Golden Whip Dream On Boston
2 Excellent R.CERT 07176 Adagio Shimmering Blue
3 Excellent 07180 Maxfield Kvicken
4 Excellent 07182 Pendahr House Of Cards
Excellent 07178 Siprex Otus
Excellent 07179 Pendahr Boardwalk Empire
Excellent 07187 Utzon’s Jubileum Julian Flash
Excellent 07190 Bluefrost Afrodite`s Cazimir
Very good 07177 Medali A Star From Heaven
Very good 07181 Absolute Mann Crash Bandicoot
Very good 07183 Suna Regens Tzhaka Autumn Pedro
Not present 07185 Librium’s Remarkable Revolution
Not present 07186 Beachboy Of Hungarian Diamonds
Not present 07188 Athos
Not present 07189 Laving Briz Vici At Amarti’s
Intermediate class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 07191 Courtborne Sheldon
2 Excellent 07194 Courtborne Jacob Black
3 Excellent 07195 Igor De La Romance Des Damoiseaux
4 Excellent 07196 Librium’s Perfect Tiger
Very good 07192 Suna Regens Opal Easter Ulw
Very good 07193 Maxfield King Joffrey
Not present 07197 Kathstone’s Daccapo At Amarti’s
Open class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent R.CACIB 07203 Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz
2 Excellent 07198 Hot Isle Overdrive
3 Excellent 07202 Pearl’s Legacy’s Bring It On
4 Excellent 07206 Adagio Olive Drab
Very good 07199 Golden Whip H-d´s Black Opal
Very good 07201 Fionn Clann Braddan
Very good 07204 Bluefrost Athene’s Bjarki
Very good 07205 Hannibal Dei Boschi Di Kalamor
Very good 07207 Grégoiredelaromancedesdamoiseaux
Not present 07200 Fionn Clann Braddan
Champion class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 1.BHK CACIB BOS 07211 Kathstone’s A Sunday Smile
2 Excellent 07215 Adagio Sonic Silver
3 Excellent 07209 Hot Isle Organza
3 Excellent 07213 Lancar Dream Dazzling Flash
4 Excellent 07214 Gallahad’s On The Crest Of The Way
Excellent 07216 Tylko Ten Paranoia
Excellent 07217 Courtborne Sirius Black
Excellent 07218 Mirada Amigos Sweet Andy
Very good 07210 Siprex Noah
Not present 07208 Courtborne Ares
Not present 07212 Linrow’s Hall Of Fame To Play Mec
Junior class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 2.BTK R.CERT 07236 Rivarco Impala
2 Excellent 07239 Manosansonetenothinggonnastopusnow
3 Excellent 07232 Pendahr Heartbeat
4 Excellent 07219 Suna Regens Tzhaka Autumn Paulita
Excellent 07222 Whiptails Daring To Dream
Excellent 07225 Pendahr Big Bang Theory
Excellent 07227 Antheartica’s One And Only
Excellent 07228 Adagio Dawn To Dark
Excellent 07237 Ukulele Paranoia
Excellent 07241 Suna Regens Tzhaka Autumn Pacifica
Excellent 07243 Medali A Star Is Born
Excellent 07245 Bluefrost Afrodite`s Charmy
Excellent 07247 Librium’s Remarkable Rose
Very good 07220 Pearl’s Legacy’s Penny
Very good 07221 Emprezy My Hope
Very good 07223 Courtborne Rose
Very good 07224 Isheenas Queen Isil-gawien
Very good 07226 Suna Regens Tzhaka Autumn Paquita
Very good 07229 Librium’s Remarkable Beauty
Very good 07230 Suna Regens Opal Easter Ultra
Very good 07231 Siprex Olea
Very good 07233 Mjohundr Beinahruga Streken
Very good 07235 Utzon’s Jubileum Julie Flash
Very good 07238 Isheenas Lady Galadriel
Very good 07240 Sun Lovers Pick A Plum
Very good 07242 Utzon’s Jubileum J’adore Flash
Very good 07246 Basil Of Hungarian Diamonds
Very good 07249 Mjohundr Blesottr
Very good 07250 Isheenas Queen Tinil-galia
Very good 07251 Frontrunner’s Univers Love
Not present 07234 Suna Regens Opal Easter Ulimo
Not present 07244 Isheenas Lady Belothien
Not present 07248 Athena
Intermediate class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 07254 Courtborne Penny
2 Excellent 07259 Jointventure Rivarco Dei Boschi Di
3 Excellent 07252 Siprex Oline
4 Excellent 07260 Sobresalto X Factor
Excellent 07257 Tirama’s Padme Amidala
Very good 07255 Courtborne Renesmee Cullen
Very good 07256 Alberta Springs Vom Hesterbusch
Very good 07258 Allfirdas Brienne Of Tarth
Not present 07253 Courtborne Bella Swan
Open class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent 1.BTK CERT CACIB BOB 07286 Shottii
2 Excellent 07273 Allfirdas Valeria
3 Excellent 07263 Rivarco Antilope
4 Excellent 07279 Sobers Roseberry For Sporting Field
Excellent 07276 Courtborne Tia Maria
Excellent 07285 Shirin’s Cala
Very good 07264 Linrow’s Walk Of Fame
Very good 07265 Librium’s Oh Pretty Woman
Very good 07266 Shirin’s Cèline
Very good 07267 Librium’s Only You
Very good 07269 Tanalorn Flying Bonnie
Very good 07271 Utzon’s Heartbreaker Lady
Very good 07274 Tyri
Very good 07275 Kathstone’s After The Storm
Very good 07277 Siprex Debbie
Very good 07280 Pearl’s Legacy’s Back In A Flash
Very good 07281 Velvet Revolution’s Café Avec
Very good 07282 Utzon’s Glow Dance
Very good 07283 Burnt Sienna Enigma Lounge
Not present 07261 Librium’s Jazz Lady
Not present 07262 Ella Chanceuse De La Vallee Des Bar
Not present 07268 Xploring Ain’t She Sweet
Not present 07270 Librium’s New Destiny Child
Not present 07272 Dogcastle’s I Am Helga
Not present 07278 Allfirdas Isheena Fial
Not present 07284 Courtborne Royal Lady
Champion class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
1 Excellent R.CACIB 07295 Absolute Mann Seaword
2 Excellent 07302 Sobers Mimosa
4 Excellent 07291 Courtborne Sagittarius
Excellent 07288 Bluefrost Afrodite
Excellent 07289 Twyborn Calypso
Excellent 07290 Courtborne Hera
Excellent 07293 Suna Regens Michas Opal
Excellent 07294 Suna Regens Opals Tzhaka
Excellent 07297 Courtborne Ravenclaw
Excellent 07298 Linrow’s Café Latte
Excellent 07299 Utzon’s Gin & Tonic
Excellent 07301 Suna Regens Rox Sunflower
Excellent 07303 Nysa Hill Timeless Adoration
Not present 07287 Hannah De Mahana
Not present 07292 Play A While Bang
Not present 07296 Play A While Junikväll
Not present 07300 Catskills Frøken Fryd
Veteran class Gilmour, Patsy
Placings Catalogue
Not present 07304 Suna Regens Keylinns Michaela
Not present 07305 Play A While Lady Orlando


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